I didn't mean for this to happen.

Courtney, 15, loser, awful obsession with Tony Stark. I don't do shit except reblog. Have fun.

Throw a little hotrod red in there.

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Anonymous asked: your husband seems like a dick kill him. also does ghosts still exist?




he is a dick and killing him is on my list, but he’s attractive so i’m going to get one more kid out of him

i’m not sure on the ghost front, i guess we’ll find out after i kill my husband and put his gravestone in my backyard 



for my entire life i wondered why a dragonfly has an ass thats like 8 times as long as their body and tonight i finally felt compelled to investigate and as it turns out dragonflies breath thru their ass and can shoot water out of their butt hole to make them fly faster…….so…… i really did not expect that to be the answer but there it is

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(after getting in trouble)
McGonagall:What do you all have to say for yourselves?
Remus:I'm aware of the issue and apologise.
Sirius:The way we acted was barking mad.
James:I'm dearly sorry.
Peter:We will be squeaky clean from now on.
squeeful asked: I get so upset knowing Tony is a man with an acknowledged mental illness whose friends and support network continually tell him to think/snap himself out of it.




oh no heh i could rant forever about this one. i could rant forever about steve ending a statement about his behavior with “it’s a quality i see in a lot of alcoholics,” i could rant forever about that glorified avx time when t’challa slapped tony squarely across the face to talk him out of his suicidal talk and have him focus on the problem, i could rant forever about all the times pepper/happy were expected to talk tony out of “one of his funks” because he has shit to do, i could rant forever about how people barely attempted to get to the bottom of what was actually going on in his head when he was a heavy drinker & did nothing but condemn him for it, i could rant forever about how people blame him for everything that goes wrong whenever his emotions affect his judgment and then blame him again when he tries to be objective, i could rant forever about how there’s this whole guilting/shaming network set up around him by the press and even by friends sometimes and i could rant forever about how everyone thinks its cute and productive to “put tony stark in his place” by continuously trash-talking him and putting him down and then expecting him to “soldier on” I COULD RANT ABOUT THIS FOREVER LET’S NOT EVEN 

endless list of favourites ✿ Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron 

Take care of her, Spirit… who could not be broken.

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imagine having Ellen Degeneres as your grandma

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if you work at a sex shop is it still nsfw

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oh and when i was a year old, after i got my foot amputated my parents were pushing me around in a stroller at a street festival in miami and i was chewing on my foot or whatever and this street performer came up to us and was like “aw i bet that tastes good!!” and my dad was like “yeah look at what she did to the other one!!!!” and pulled back the blanket covering my left leg to show a stump with a huge scar on it and i’m pretty sure my dad terrified that poor man

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